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Guitar Fair Magazine Spain December 2015

In a country with such a rich heritage and love of the guitar, it was a privilege to be included in this magazine and wave the Australian flag.

Chris’ article:
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Guitar Makers Festival Melbourne October 2015

Jack Spira and his dedicated team delivered another fantastic showcase this year, for makers, players and lovers of the guitar. The Abbotsford Convent plays host to this event every 2 years, with displays, workshops, concerts and the opportunity to catch up with a few friends along the way.

We were greatly honoured by Marr Takeda of Dolphin Guitars Japan, including the Festival in his travels this year, and thankful to our dear friend and musician, Lucas Michailidis for his help and support over the Festival weekend. More info at

Mix Down Magazine Profile
This was part of the lead up to the Melbourne Guitar Festival, Oct 2013. Guitar makers from around Australia (and one from NZ) gather to exhibit their work every 2 years. It’s well with a visit if you love the acoustic guitar and appreciate the beauty and skill to be found in hand-crafted instruments.
A “Melville” is a guitar for life
One you will continue to discover year after year