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December 2019 Australian Bluegrass Conference – Maleny, Queensland

Just when the Christmas festivities are starting to heat up, you will find a bunch of devoted Bluegrass players heading to the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland for a ‘high powered, fun-filled, 4 days of bluegrass music immersion’.

Host’s Peter and Mark Nahuysen bring together some of the finest bluegrass musicians from the USA and Australia, to get up close and personal with like minded players of all levels, who travel from all over Australia and New Zealand. Having an experienced luthier on hand to talk instruments and to help owners understand how to get the best out of theirs, is just one aspect of the Australian Bluegrass Conference that make it a premier event on the music calendar.

I had the great privilege to catch up again with Jens Kruger of The Kruger Brothers, and to service his signature “Deering Banjo” while he was visiting Australia for the conference. Jens is described as ‘arguably one of the greatest masters in the history of the five-string banjo’, but I appreciate what he does with a guitar, especially a Melville! Check out the Australian Bluegrass Conference on Facebook and check in to 

Adelaide Guitar Festival 9-12 Aug 2018

Adelaide Festival Centre

If you need an excuse to visit Adelaide (or the Barossa), then you can’t go past this one! The Adelaide Guitar Festival celebrates one of the world’s most popular instruments, along with the music and people it inspires. Under the hand of Artistic Director, Slava Grigoryan, the festival program included Guitars in Bars, Resonance and Winter School, along with performance legends Albert Lee and Tommy Emmanuel, to groundbreaking innovators like Kaki King. Workshops, Master Classes, The Duesenberg Guitar Exhibition, the Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition, etc etc and…The Makers Expo! Located in a special art space of the Festival Centre hub, it was indeed a meeting place for guitar enthusiasts of all ages and stages and we would highly recommend it. Special thanks to our friend, Celtic Master Tony McManus, for his ongoing support of our handcrafted instruments. 

Guitar Fair Magazine Spain December 2015

In a country with such a rich heritage and love of the guitar, it was a privilege to be included in this magazine and wave the Australian flag.

Chris’ article:
Guitar Fair Magazine December 2015 Chris Melville.pdf
December issue:
Guitar Fair magazine website:

Guitar Makers Festival Melbourne October 2015

Jack Spira and his dedicated team delivered another fantastic showcase this year, for makers, players and lovers of the guitar. The Abbotsford Convent plays host to this event every 2 years, with displays, workshops, concerts and the opportunity to catch up with a few friends along the way.

We were greatly honoured by Marr Takeda of Dolphin Guitars Japan, including the Festival in his travels this year, and thankful to our dear friend and musician, Lucas Michailidis for his help and support over the Festival weekend. More info at

Mix Down Magazine Profile
This was part of the lead up to the Melbourne Guitar Festival, Oct 2013. Guitar makers from around Australia (and one from NZ) gather to exhibit their work every 2 years. It’s well with a visit if you love the acoustic guitar and appreciate the beauty and skill to be found in hand-crafted instruments.
A “Melville” is a guitar for life
One you will continue to discover year after year