“000” Model

This is my most popular model and without a doubt my own personal favourite. I enjoy playing the guitar as much as I do building them and I think that if I had to be happy with owning and playing only one guitar for life, then this would definitely be it. In fact I have 3 that I would not part with. One I built back in 05 and 2 recently completed examples. All are available as demonstration guitars.


This size guitar is often referred to as a 000, an OM or a Grand Concert and has traditionally been very popular with finger-style players. Whether soloists or songwriters or both. It’s a comfortable guitar to use while either standing or sitting and is ideal for smaller players who don’t wish to sacrifice too much bottom end response for the sake of manageability. My Standard 000 is a guitar that has a truly balanced and rich tone, yet with a large dynamic range and effortless power. This is a guitar that will never feel stiff or resistant under the right or left hand and responds easily to the lightest or heaviest attack.

As a ‘Standard’ model they are built to be highly competent in both altered and concert pitch tunings. As a ‘Custom’ built model they can be subtly tuned with a slight bias either way. i.e. more finger-style and less flat-pick attack or visa versa etc.

My standard wide Finger-style neck has a “slim/fast” profile to facilitate easy and effortless playability. A handmade carbon fibre reinforced truss rod system adds exceptional stability and strength.

A Narrow or Medium width neck can be optioned at no additional charge.

Prices start at $10,500.00 Aus

Video Demonstration