Workshop and Guitar Repairs

Melville Guitars is a fully equipped luthier's workshop, and provides all manner of guitar repairs and services.

Chris is known in the industry for his exacting standards and pursuit of excellence. He enjoys the challenge and problem solving of repair and restoration jobs but also the satisfaction of revealing the true sound capability of any guitar, banjo, mandolin etc.

‘Hearing’ the full potential in an instrument and knowing exactly how to extract it is the skill of a master luthier. His broad application of knowledge, skill and experience has made Chris the first choice of musicians, collectors and enthusiasts, Australia wide.

Services and Specialities

Playability is one of the ‘specialist’ areas in which Chris has honed his craft. Fret work and set up are critical to how an instrument plays and sounds, as is the level of skill, precision and attention to detail it takes to achieve it.

  • Comprehensive Set Up
  • Precision Refrets - Stainless Steel option available
  • Neck Resets and 'non invasive' adjustable truss rod conversions (on pre 1986 Martins)
  • Pick Up installation
  • Repairs
  • Restorations
  • Bracing Modification
  • Pre purchase inspections
Upon playing it for the first time, this is what I found. The action felt very even all the way up the neck. Every note, on every fret played beautifully in tune, from a barred F on the 1st fret, all the way up. Amazing! The low E is particularly impressive: tight and responsive and it plays well even on the highest frets, no matter how hard I hit it. I have never experienced that before, but there was more; bending the top E string in the higher register I found something unexpected; the note would actually swell on the bend!
2 days later, I picked up the guitar for the 3rd time since the set-up and it was in-tune straight out of the case. All manner of bending and vibrato usage and still it stayed it tune! Now it seems I have to re-learn to play it as I had adapted my technique to compensate for the previous poor set-up.

Anyway, thank you for the great job,
The acoustic guitar is my passion in life & has led me on a trail of discovery, trying to find instruments that that have a sound I can get lost in. I've owned & do own some "high end" guitars in this pursuit. My Melville 000 has a depth & clarity to it's tone & a timbre that I find hard to describe other than to say " see you later hours" when I play it. Beautifully even sound all the way up the neck & the feel is very easy & comfortable. The appointments are in perfect balance with the sound. The rose inlay & pau shell on this guitar are simply fantastic, not over the top, perfect.
This guitar says, "play me well & I'll take you where you want to go".

Chris has also upgraded several of my Martin's and along with a favourite strat with his impeccable Fretwork & set up. They always play and sound so much better after a visit to Chris's workshop.

If you want honest appraisal followed by first class workmanship by someone who knows the physics and science of their craft, I couldn't recommend him more highly".

Thanks again Chris.
Jim T, Victoria Australia