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For my Grand Auditorium / Small Jumbo model I was looking to create a guitar that would combine some of the quicker response and middle to top end clarity of my 000/OM models with a boost in low end power and richness.

This is a guitar that has all the best attributes of a really good pre-war Dreadnought yet adds in to the mix the additional levels of clarity, power and sustain that my 000/OM models are known for. As such it works extremely well for pretty much all the popular playing styles and due to the tighter waist is almost as comfortable to hold as the 000 size.

The standard ‘Medium’ neck has a slim fast profile that facilitates easy and effortless playability. A handmade carbon fibre reinforced truss rod system adds exceptional stability and strength. Dimensions are 44.5mm (1 ¾) at the nut to 57.5mm (2 ¼) at the body join. This is a good all round size for most players. A wider or narrow neck is available at no extra charge.

Prices start at $9500 AU

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