Accoustic Guitar Models


This is my most popular model and without a doubt my own personal favourite. I enjoy playing the guitar as much as I do building them and I think that if I had to be happy with owning and playing only one guitar for life, then this would definitely be it. In fact I have 3 that I would not part with. One I built back in 05 and 2 recently completed examples. All are available as demonstration guitars.

>> "000" Model Details

Grand Auditorium

For my Grand Auditorium / Small Jumbo model I was looking to create a guitar that would combine some of the quicker response and middle to top end clarity of my 000/OM models with a boost in low end power and richness.

This is a guitar that has all the best attributes of a really good pre-war Dreadnought yet adds in to the mix the additional levels of clarity...

>> Grand Auditorium Model Details